Service and Warranty
Terms of Warranty
Warranties are valid for 12 months. Electric and electronic parts and parts that can wear out over time (blades, thermal heads, etc) are not covered by the warranty.
Parts included in the warranty will be replaced at no cost; defective parts to be changed under the warranty will be sent to Egemas. Costs of technical service, shipping, transportation and accommodation are not included in the warranty. The technical service fee and expenses shall be paid in advance.
Unless otherwise indicated, voltage is 400 volts, with 3 phases (must be approved). Voltage fluctuations in packaging systems should not exceed +/- %5 and 50 Hz frequency fluctuations should not exceed +/-%lfi.
Air Pressure
Unless otherwise indicated, every machine should have an air pressure of less than 6.5 Bars and be equipped with a desiccant. Air pressure should be linked to the desiccant. Tank capacity is determined on the basis of machine combinations.
Egemas is not liable for losses or technical problems that might occur due to possible changes in voltage or air pressure. The terms of the warranty do not apply under these conditions.
The warranty is deemed invalid if its terms are not met.
Please note that machine production capacity depends on different factors, such as the cases used, production feed, packaging, manual production, consumables and operator speed.
Under no circumstances are any parts not supplied by Egemas to be used in the equipment. If such use is ascertained, the warranty shall be deemed invalid, regardless of warranty expiry date.
Egemas reserves the right to make changes in some or all parts of machines without notification.